13710 Building

13710 FNB ParkwayOmahaNebraska

The 13710 Building was the first multi-tenant office building to be developed within the First National Business Park. Originally, developed as a speculative project, prior to the completion of the building’s design, the building was ninety percent preleased.

Two of the building’s tenants needed to move into their spaces ten months after the commencement of construction. To accomplish this aggressive schedule, the developer, architect and contractor (Kiewit Construction Company), worked together to insure the successful completion of the project within the original budget formulated by the developer. Each team member’s skills were needed to fast track the project and meet the needs of the building’s tenants. Communication between the various members of the development team was critical during the design and construction of the project.

The building’s brick and Lucabond exterior included large windows on three sides of the building and a large glass curtain wall on the building’s south side. The structural design allowed for large areas of column-free space for tenants to optimize their space planning.

A building management system allows for temperature controls throughout the building. During hours that the building is not occupied, heating and cooling systems are set to reduce the amount of energy usage. Window treatments allow natural light into the spaces, but can be closed to minimize heat buildup in the warmer months.

Exterior amenities include a covered patio on the building’s south side. Large trees were planted throughout the site while sidewalks connect to the First National Business Park’s trail system as well as to the adjacent city trails.